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Theory and Problems of Electrical Machines and Electro Mechanics Second Version by Syed A. Nasar

A course in electrical machines and electromechanics is required within the undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum in most engineering colleges. This e book is aimed to complement the standard textbook for such a course. It’ll additionally function a refresher for individuals who have already had a course in electrical machines or as a primer for solo research of the sector. In every chapter a quick assessment of pertinent subjects is given, together with a abstract of the governing equations. In some instances, derivations are included as solved issues. The vary of subjects coated is pretty broad. Starting with a research of easy dc magnetic circuits, the e book ends with a chapter on digital management of dc and ac motors. It’s hoped that the presentation of over 400 solved or answered issues protecting your entire vary of material will present the reader with a greater perception and a greater feeling for magnitudes.
On this second version, the theme of the primary version is retained. Main additions and deletions embody an expanded dialogue of the event of equal circuits of transformers and the addition of a piece on instrument transformers in Chapter 2; and the addition of a piece on energy-efficient induction motors. Within the revision, Chapter 7 has undergone main modifications: Sections on linear induction motors, electromagnetic pumps, and homopolar machines are deleted. The chapter focuses on smal electrical motors. Thus, sections on beginning of single-phase induction motors, everlasting magnet motors, and hysteresis motors are added. In Chapter 8, the part on energy semi- conductors is totally rewritten. Lastly, new issues are added to each chapter.
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