Thermal protection modeling of hypersonic flying apparatus 

Thermal protection modeling of hypersonic flying apparatus pdf

Table of contents :

Front Matter ….Pages i-xiii
Passive Thermal Protection (A. S. Yakimov)….Pages 1-30
Active Thermal Protection (A. S. Yakimov)….Pages 31-66
Combined Thermal Protection (A. S. Yakimov)….Pages 67-102
Back Matter ….Pages 103-113

Book Description:

This book is devoted to studies of unsteady heat and mass exchange processes, considering the thermochemical destruction of thermal protective materials, research of transpiration cooling systems, thermal protection of composite materials exposed to low-energy disturbances, and the numerical solution of heat and mass transfer equations. It proposes several mathematical models of passive and active thermal protection systems about factors such as surface ablation, surface roughness, phase transition of a liquid in porous materials, rotation of the body around its longitudinal axis, and exposure to low-energy disturbances. The author studies the possibilities for controlling thermochemical destruction and heat mass exchange processes in transpiration cooling systems exposed to low-energy disturbances. The numerical analysis of carbon plastics’ heat and mass exchange processes under repeated impulse action is also presented. The numerical solutions to problems are compared with the known experimental data. The book is intended for thermal protection and heat mass exchange specialists, as well as graduate and undergraduate students in physics and mathematics.


Thermal protection modeling of hypersonic flying apparatus PDF

Author(s): Yakimov A.S.

Series: Innovation and Discovery in Russian Science and Engineering

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-78217-1



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