Think Data Structures: Algorithms and Information Retrieval in Java

Think Data Structures: Algorithms and Information Retrieval in Java PDF Free Download

Book Description

Data structures and algorithms are some of the most important inventions of the last 50 years, and they are fundamental tools that software engineers need to know. But in the author’s opinion, most books on these topics are too theoretical, too voluminous, and too “bottom-up”.
If you are a computer science student or software developer preparing for engineering interviews, this practical book will help you learn and review some of the most important ideas in engineering. software – data structures and algorithms – from a clearer, more concise and more engaging than other documents.
Focusing on practical knowledge and skills rather than theory, author Allen Downey shows you how to use data structures to implement efficient algorithms, then analyze and measure performance of them. You will explore the important Java Collections Framework (JCF) classes, how they are implemented, and how they work. Each program presents practice exercises supported by online test codes.

  • Use data structures like lists and maps, and understand how they work
  • Build an application that reads Wikipedia pages, parses the content, and navigates the resulting data tree
  • Analyze the code to predict how fast it will run and how much memory it will require
  • Write classes that implement the Map interface, using hash tables and binary search trees
  • Create a simple web search engine with crawlers, indexers that store website content, and fetchers that return results from user queries

About Author

Allen B. Downey is an American computer scientist, Professor of Computer Science at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.

Think Data Structures: Algorithms and Information Retrieval in Java PDF

Author(s): Allen B. Downey

Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Year: 2017

ISBN: 1491972394,9781491972397



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