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Under a Blood Red Moon is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade and is a companion book to Chicago by Night Second Edition.

Under a Blood Red Moon is a World of Darkness adventure module released in June 1993 by White Wolf Publishing for use with either tabletop role-playing games, Vampire: The Masquerade or Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It is set in and around Chicago and covers the battle between the local vampire and werewolf societies; players take on the roles of Camarilla or Sabbat werewolves or vampires.

The book, written by Steven C. Brown and created by Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg, is an early example of a crossover between various role-playing games. Critics complimented it for its role-playing opportunities and storytelling, although it was later lambasted for how the game mechanics of vampire and werewolf characters do not mesh correctly. It also did well commercially, and like with earlier Werewolf: The Apocalypse publications, a portion of the revenues were dedicated to environmental protection.

Book Contents

1 Summary
2 Contents
2.1 Legends of the Garou: Gray Raven’s Warning
2.2 Introduction: Welcome to War
2.3 Prologue: Chicago, Kingdom of the Cadavers
2.3.1 The Garou History of Chicago
2.3.2 Through the Eyes of Mortals
2.3.3 Chicago’s Umbra
2.3.4 The Fanum, “The Sept of Jupiter”
2.3.5 The Sept of the Wind Catchers
2.3.6 Encounters under a Blood Red Moon
2.3.7 The Forces at Work
2.3.8 The Prologue
2.3.9 Involving Garou Characters
2.3.10 Timeline for Under a Blood Red Moon
2.4 Chapter One: Assembly
2.4.1 The Chapter for Garou
2.4.2 The Chapter for Kindred
2.4.3 The Chapter for Sabbat
2.5 Chapter Two: Aggression
2.5.1 The Chapter for Garou
2.5.2 The Chapter for Kindred
2.5.3 The Chapter for Sabbat
2.6 Chapter Three: Assault
2.6.1 The Chapter for Garou
2.6.2 The Chapter for Kindred
2.6.3 The Chapter for Sabbat
2.7 Chapter Four: Assist and Avail
2.7.1 The Chapter for Garou
2.7.2 The Chapter for Kindred
2.7.3 The Chapter for Sabbat
2.8 Chapter Five: Aftermath
2.8.1 The Chapter for Garou
2.8.2 The Chapter for Kindred
2.8.3 The Chapter for Sabbat
2.9 Appendix One: Allies and Adversaries
2.10 Appendix Two: The Story for Other Characters
2.10.1 Witch-Hunters
2.10.2 The Mummy Strikes
2.11 Appendix Three: The Abomination
3 Background Information
4 Memorable Quotes
5 Characters
6 Terminology


Free Download Under a Blood Red Moon PDF

Author(s): Steven C. Brown, Robert Hatch

Series: World of Darkness, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Masquerade.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc, Year: 1993

ISBN: 156504049X


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