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In the novel “Oath of Loyalty,” Mitch Rapp is a CIA operative who is tasked with tracking down a group of terrorists who are planning a major attack on the United States. As he searches for clues and gathers intelligence, Rapp finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of espionage and betrayal, where loyalties are tested and lives are at stake.

As Rapp races against time to stop the terrorists, he must also confront his own personal demons and face the shadows of his past. Along the way, he is aided by a skilled team of operatives, including his mentor and friend Stan Hurley, as well as several allies and enemies who are caught up in the global war on terror.

Through a series of intense and action-packed scenes, “Oath of Loyalty” tells the story of Mitch Rapp’s ongoing fight against terrorism and his quest to protect his country and defend his own sense of loyalty and honor. With its fast-paced plot and engaging characters, this novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the end.

Vince Flynn Oath of Loyalty a Mitch rapp novel pdf

Book Description:

With President Anthony Cook convinced that Mitch Rapp poses a mortal threat to him, CIA Director Irene Kennedy is forced to construct a truce between the two men. The terms are simple: Rapp agrees to leave the country and stay in plain sight for as long as Cook controls the White House. In exchange, the administration agrees not to make any moves against him.

This fragile détente holds until Cook’s power-hungry security adviser convinces him that Rapp has no intention of honoring their agreement. To put him on the defensive, they leak the true identity of his partner, Claudia Gould. As Rapp races to neutralize the enemies organizing against her, he discovers that a new generation of assassins is on her trail. A killer was known to intelligence agencies only as Legion.

The shadowy group has created a business model based on double-blind secrecy. Neither the killer nor the client knows the other’s identity. Because of this, Legion can’t be called off, nor can they afford to fail. No matter how long it takes—weeks, months, years—they won’t stand down until their target is dead. Faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding and stopping Legion, Rapp and his people must close ranks against a world that has turned on them.

Download Vince Flynn Oath of Loyalty a Mitch rapp novel PDF

| Author | Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills |

| Genre | Thriller/Suspense |

| Protagonist | Mitch Rapp |

| Plot Summary | Mitch Rapp is recruited by the CIA to take down a group of terrorists planning to attack the United States. He goes undercover and infiltrates the group, gathering information and trying to prevent the attack. Along the way, he faces challenges and personal conflicts as he navigates the dangerous world of espionage. |

| Themes | Loyalty, patriotism, national security, betrayal |

| Publisher | Atria Emily Bestler Books, Year: 2022 |

ISBN: 1982164913,9781982164911 |


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