Book Name: Basic Principles for the Design of Centrifugal Pump Installations
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Basic Principles for the Design of Centrifugal Pump Installations


Basic Principles for the Design of Centrifugal Pump Installations | PDF Free Download.

Basic Principles for Centrifugal Pump Installations Contents

Choice knowledge for centrifugal pumps and installations

  1. Flowrate 
  2. Mass move fee 
  3. Whole head 15
  4. Suction capability 
  5. NPSH for centrifugal pumps 
  6.  Particular power 
  7.  Energy, effectivity 
  8.  Velocity and route of rotation 
  9.  Particular pace and attribute sort quantity 
  10.  Pump choice 
  11.  Design of the set up and life cycle prices 

Operational efficiency of centrifugal pumps

  1. Attribute curves 
  2. Adaptation to various working situations 
  3.  Impact on the attribute by the set up of an orifice plate
  4.  Operation of centrifugal pumps in branched pipelines 
  5.  Begin up and run down of centrifugal pumps
  6.  Minimal and most flowrates

Acceptance exams for centrifugal pumps

  1. Preliminary remarks 
  2. Acceptance exams to DIN EN ISO 9906 
  3.  Acceptance exams for aspect channel pumps 

Particular info for designing centrifugal pump installations

  1. Pumping viscous fluids 
  2.  Design of the pump in response to the set up 
  3. Design of suction and inlet pipes 
  4. Design of the suction chambers for vertical pumps 
  5.  Priming centrifugal pumps prior to start out up 
  6.  Pumping liquid / gasoline mixtures 
  7.  Stress surges (water hammer) in piping techniques 
  8. Forces and moments on flanges 
  9.  Pumping suspended matter
  10.  Shaft sealing 
  11.  Leak-free pumps 
  12. Pumping liquefied gases 
  13. Pumping sizzling liquids 

Vibration and noise

  1. Vibration and easy working 
  2.  Noise 
  3. Noise safety measures
  4.  Noise and sound strain degree 

Head losses in pipework and fittings

  1. Head losses in straight pipework
  2. Head losses in fittings and valves 


  1. Flanges to European and German Requirements 
  2. Flanges to American requirements – ANSI 
  3. Flanges to worldwide requirements ISO 
  4. Check strain 

Instrumentation for monitoring centrifugal pump installations

  1. Stress measurement 
  2.  Move measurement 
  3. Energy requirement measurement 
  4. Velocity measurement 
  5. Temperature measurement 
  6. Vibration measurement 
  7.  Stage measurement 

Fundamentals of electrical drives

  1. Electrical provide 
  2.  Electrical motors 
  3.  Building of Electrical motors 
  4. Set up and operation of Electrical motors 
  5. Explosion safety 
  6. Velocity management of electrical drives 
  7.  Choice tables for 3 section AC induction motors


  1. Pure water, ingesting water, and course of water 
  2. Necessary parameters for assessing water situation 
  3.  Evaluation of water 
  4.  Different naturally occuring waters
  5.  Wastewater 
  6.  Handled water in heating techniques and steam energy plant 
  7.  Materials choice for differing kinds of water 
  8.  Properties of differing kinds of water

Supplies and materials choice

  1. Supplies 
  2.  Overview of supplies 
  3.  US supplies to AISI requirements 
  4. US supplies to ASTM requirements 
  5.  Supplies with commerce names 
  6.  Natural supplies overview 
  7.  Fibre strengthened supplies 
  8.  Ceramic supplies 
  9.  Materials choice for dealing with varied liquids

Foreword to Basic Principles for the Design of Centrifugal Pump

That is the seventh version of this Pump E book, and because it was first written it has grow to be a longtime and revered reference e-book.

It has been utterly reworked and enlarged to incorporate the very newest worldwide and European requirements. In lots of circumstances, reference can also be made to outdated requirements in addition to the new.

This complete version covers all points involved with the pumping of liquids and is a reliable reference work in the design and operation of pumps and pump techniques.

As well as it provides each designers and operators a wealth of element when contemplating the complete life prices of a pump set up. It has been compiled by Sterling SIHI’s most skilled and educated engineers, making certain it’s content material needs to be invaluable to any engineer who’s concerned with the pumping of liquids.

Our due to all those that assisted in its compilation.

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