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Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susanna S. Epp

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DISCRETE MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS, 5th Edition, explains complex, abstract concepts with clarity and precision and provides a strong foundation for computer science and upper-level mathematics courses of the computer age. Author Susanna Epp presents not only the major themes of discrete mathematics, but also the reasoning that underlies mathematical thought. Students develop the ability to think abstractly as they study the ideas of logic and proof. While learning about such concepts as logic circuits and computer addition, algorithm analysis, recursive thinking, computability, automata, cryptography and combinatorics, students discover that the ideas of discrete mathematics underlie and are essential to today’s science and technology.

Discrete Mathematics with Applications

Author(s): Susanna S. Epp

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Year: 2019

ISBN: 1337694193

Edition :      4th

Publisher :   Cengage Learning

Length :       993 pages

Size :           10 MB

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[PDF] Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susanna S. Epp Table Of Contents

1. Speaking Mathematically
2. The Logic of Compound Statements
3. The Logic of Quantified statements
4. Elementary Number theory and methods of Proof
5. Sequences, mathematical induction, and recursion
6. Set theory
7. Properties of Functions
8. Properties of relations
9. Counting and Probability
10. Theory of Graphs and trees
11. Analysis of algorithm efficiency
12. Regular expressions and Finite-state automata





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