Fiesers’ Reagents For Organic Synthesis 28th Volume by Tse‐Lok Ho :: This volume covers progress : This volume covers progress of synthe of synthetic organic methodologies for the period between the second half of 2011 and the end of 2012, also a few items of yester-years. The major advances have been refinements of reagent applications and expansion of the scope. Although ligands still figure prominently in affecting reactivities of transition metal ions, work aiming at finding ligand‐free reactions remains an honorable goal. Fruitful developments concerning oxidative coupling reactions that eschew halogen compounds are also in evidence. It is noted that burgeoning contributions to synthetic methodology are coming from Chinese chemists, perhaps reflecting societal changes from one of most populous nations. Or they are spiritually ingrained in the expostulation of the benevolent Han tribe leader, King Tang of the Shang Dynasty, who had a bath tub engraved to remind himself to refine his character while cleansing.

Fiesers’ Reagents For Organic Synthesis 28th Volume by Tse‐Lok Ho

Title: Fiesers’ Reagents For Organic Synthesis
Editor: Tse‐Lok Ho
Volume: 28th
Publisher: Wiley Publications
Length: 722 pages
Size: 21.8 MB
Language: English


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