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Flexible AC Transmission Systems FACTS by Suman Bhowmick


Because the previous three a long time, new financial, social, and legislative developments have demanded a assessment of conventional energy transmission idea and apply and the creation of latest ideas to permit full utilization of current energy technology and transmission services. On this respect, the imaginative and prescient of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) was formulated by the Electrical Energy Analysis Institute, Palo Alto, California, within the late 1980s. FACTS emerged as a know-how by which numerous energy electronics-based static controllers improve controllability and enhance energy switch functionality over current transmission corridors.

FACTS controllers could be broadly categorized into two classes. The primary one includes thyristors. Examples embrace the static VAR compensator, the thyristor-controlled collection capacitor, and the section shifter. The second class includes self-commutated static converters as managed voltage sources. Examples embrace the static compensator (STATCOM), the static synchronous collection compensator (SSSC), the unified energy circulate controller (UPFC), the interline energy circulate controller (IPFC), and the generalized unified energy circulate controller (GUPFC).

Com pared to thyristor-based FACTS controllers, voltage-sourced converter (VSC)-based FACTS controllers usually possess superior efficiency traits. As a consequence, VSC-based FACTS controllers have gained in reputation through the years. Now, for correct planning, design, and operation of energy system networks incorporating VSC-based FACTS controllers, an influence circulate answer of the community(s) incorporating them is required. Due to this fact, improvement of appropriate energy circulate fashions of VSC-based FACTS controllers is of elementary significance.

Though various books on modeling and purposes of FACTS controllers exist, only a few books dwell on their power-flow modeling. As well as, I’ve skilled that gradual learners face issue in comprehending Newton’s technique, significantly when continuing from a single variable to a number of variables. The identical holds true for the idea of change of actual and reactive powers by FACTS controllers, particularly the independency of reactive energy change by particular person VSCs, not like the change of actual energy. This offered the motivation for scripting this e-book.

This e-book begins by introducing completely different VSC-based FACTS controllers and their working precept. The best way by which these FACTS controllers change actual and reactive energy with the system is defined intimately. The ideas are supplemented with a couple of solved issues on some typical FACTS controllers. Subsequently, the e-book presents an introduction to Newton’s technique and its utility in fixing nonlinear algebraic equation(s), continuing in a lucid, step-by-step approach from a single variable towards a number of variables. It additionally introduces the reader to the idea of the ability circulate downside and the applying of Newton’s technique to the answer of the ability circulate downside.

That is adopted by a scientific and generalized strategy for the Newton energy circulate modeling of VSC-based FACTS controllers, which is developed from the primary ideas. Due to the distinctive modeling technique, current Newton energy circulate codes could be reused even after inclusion of FACTS controllers. Sensible gadget constraint limits of those FACTS controllers are additionally accommodated within the energy circulate fashions. Numerous case research have additionally been included for the validation of the ability circulate mannequin of every of the FACTS controllers.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS): Newton power-flow modeling of voltage-sourced converter based controllers PDF

Author(s): Bhowmick, Suman

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-4987-5620-4

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