Book Name: [PDF] High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering by Nagel, Kröner, Resch
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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering by Nagel, Kröner, Resch

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This book presents the state-of-the-art in supercomputer simulation. It includes the latest findings from leading researchers using systems from the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) in 2018. The reports cover all fields of computational science and engineering ranging from CFD to computational physics and from chemistry to computer science with a special emphasis on industrially relevant applications. Presenting findings of one of Europe’s leading systems, this volume covers a wide variety of applications that deliver a high level of sustained performance.
The book covers the main methods in high-performance computing. Its outstanding results in achieving the best performance for production codes are of particular interest for both scientists and engineers. The book comes with a wealth of color illustrations and tables of results.


High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering ‘ 18: Transactions of the High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart (HLRS) 2018

Author(s): Wolfgang E. Nagel, Dietmar H. Kröner, Michael M. Resch

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-13324-5

Edition             Illustrated, Comprehensive

Publisher  :      Springer Publishing (HLRS)

Length:            665 pages

Size:                 43.3 MB

Language:         English



[PDF] High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering by Nagel, Kröner, Resch Table Of Contents

Front Matter….Pages i-ix
Front Matter….Pages 1-4
Thermodynamics with 2+1+1 Dynamical Quark Flavors….Pages 5-14
Numerical Evaluation of Multi-Loop Feynman Integrals….Pages 15-21
MCTDHB Physics and Technologies: Excitations and Vorticity, Single-Shot Detection, Measurement of Fragmentation, and Optimal Control in Correlated Ultra-Cold Bosonic Many-Body Systems….Pages 23-49
PAMOP Project: Petaflop Computations in Support of Experiments….Pages 51-74
Monte Carlo Simulation of Crystal-Liquid Phase Coexistence….Pages 75-87
A New Colloid Model for Dissipative-Particle-Dynamics Simulations….Pages 89-99
Force Field Optimization for Ionic Liquids: FFOIL….Pages 101-117
The Small Scale Structure of the Universe….Pages 119-134
Front Matter….Pages 135-137
Ab Initio Transport Calculations for Functionalized Graphene Flakes on a Supercomputer….Pages 139-154
Solving the Scattering Problem for the P3HT On-Chain Charge Transport….Pages 155-170
Ab-Initio Calculations of the Vibrational Properties and Dynamical Processes in Semiconductor Nanostructures….Pages 171-186
Large-Scale Modeling of Defects in Advanced Oxides: Oxygen Vacancies in BaZrO3 Crystals….Pages 187-198
Interfacial Properties and Growth Dynamics of Semiconductor Interfaces….Pages 199-213
Atomistic Simulation of Oligoelectrolyte Multilayers Growth….Pages 215-228
Mechanochemistry of Cyclopropane Ring-Opening Reactions….Pages 229-238
Front Matter….Pages 239-240
Computational Modeling of a Biocatalyst at a Hydrophobic Substrate Interface….Pages 241-253
Dynathor: Dynamics of the Complex of Cytochrome P450 and Cytochrome P450 Reductase in a Phospholipid Bilayer….Pages 255-264
Front Matter….Pages 265-266
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion with a Multi-Regional Approach….Pages 267-280
Numerical Simulations of Rocket Combustion Chambers on Massively Parallel Systems….Pages 281-292
Front Matter….Pages 293-300
High-Resolution Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Straight Ducts with Rectangular Cross-Section….Pages 301-313
Front Matter….Pages 293-300
Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer to Supercritical Carbon Dioxide with Direct Numerical Simulation….Pages 315-331
DNS Investigation of the Primary Breakup in a Conical Swirled Jet….Pages 333-347
Numerical Simulation of Subsonic and Supersonic Impinging Jets….Pages 349-369
On the Impact of Forward-Facing Steps on Disturbance Amplification in Boundary-Layer Flows….Pages 371-388
Large-Scale Simulations of a Non-generic Helicopter Engine Nozzle and a Ducted Axial Fan….Pages 389-405
Large-Eddy Simulation of a Scramjet Strut Injector with Pilot Injection….Pages 407-420
Turbulence Resolving Flow Simulations of a Francis Turbine with a Commercial CFD Code….Pages 421-433
Numerical Investigation of a Full Load Operation Point for a Low Head Propeller Turbine….Pages 435-447
Detached Eddy Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Swirl Tubes….Pages 449-461
Evaluation and Control of Loads on Wind Turbines under Different Operating Conditions by Means of CFD….Pages 463-478
Advances in Parallelization and High-Fidelity Simulation of Helicopter Phenomena….Pages 479-494
Numerical Study of Three-Dimensional Shock Control Bump Flank Effects on Buffet Behavior….Pages 495-509
High Fidelity Scale-Resolving Computational Fluid Dynamics Using the High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Method….Pages 511-530
Toward a Discontinuous Galerkin Fluid Dynamics Framework for Industrial Applications….Pages 531-545
A High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin CFD Solver for Turbulent Flows….Pages 547-563
Mesoscale Simulations of Anisotropic Particles at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces….Pages 565-577
Highly Efficient Integrated Simulation of Electro-Membrane Processes for Desalination of Sea Water….Pages 579-590
Front Matter….Pages 591-592
Application of the Regional Climate Model CCLM for Studies on Urban Climate Change in Stuttgart and Decadal Climate Prediction in Europe and Africa….Pages 593-606
High-Resolution WRF Model Simulations of Critical Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions Within Arid and Temperate Climates (WRFCLIM)….Pages 607-622
Do We Have to Update the Land-Use/Land-Cover Data in RCM Simulations? A Case Study for the Vu Gia-Thu Bon River Basin of Central Vietnam….Pages 623-635
Front Matter….Pages 637-639
On Estimation of a Viral Protein Diffusion Constant on the Curved Intracellular ER Surface….Pages 641-657
Application of Large-Scale Phase-Field Simulations in the Context of High-Performance Computing….Pages 659-674
Large Scale Numerical Simulations of Planetary Interiors….Pages 675-687
Coupled PIC-DSMC Simulations of a Laser-Driven Plasma Expansion….Pages 689-701





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