Book Name: [PDF] Soil Mechanics Fundamentals
Author: Muni Budhu
Category: Civil Engineering Books
Language: English
Format: PDF
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Soil Mechanics Fundamentals pdf

Book Description:

This textbook is easy to understand, clear, and short. It is a good choice for an introductory course in soil mechanics for undergraduate students in civil engineering, construction, mining, and geological engineering.

Soil Mechanics Fundamentals explains the critical ideas of soil mechanics so that they can be used in later engineering classes and engineering work. With this book, students will learn how to do a site investigation, understand the physical and mechanical properties of soils and how to measure them, and use what they’ve learned to analyze and design earthworks, simple foundations, retaining walls, and slopes.

The author talks about and shows modern ideas and methods for figuring out how soils’ physical and mechanical properties can be used for both fundamental knowledge and real-world applications.

Modern theories about how students learn have influenced how and what the chapter is about:

The learning objectives tell students what they should know and be able to do after reading the chapter.

There are explanations of Key Terms that students may have yet to hear of before or may have understood differently.

Key Point summaries highlight the most important parts of what you just read.

Students can see how the previous and current principles work together to solve problems in the “real world” when they look at practical examples.


Download Soil Mechanics Fundamentals PDF Free

Author(s): Muni Budhu

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, Year: 2015

ISBN: 0470577959,9780470577950


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