Web Development with Node and Express: Leveraging the JavaScript Stack

5710f3d5aca1c.jpeg Author Ethan Brown
Isbn 9781491949306
File size 16 Mb
Year 2014
Pages 332
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Web Development with Node and Express: Leveraging the JavaScript Stack Book Description:

Learn how to build dynamic web applications with Express, a key
component of the Node/JavaScript development stack. In this
hands-on guide, author Ethan Brown teaches you the fundamentals
through the development of a fictional application that exposes
a public website and a RESTful API. You’ll also learn web
architecture best practices to help you build single-page,
multi-page, and hybrid web apps with Express.

Express strikes a balance between a robust framework and no
framework at all, allowing you a free hand in your architecture
choices. With this book, frontend and backend engineers
familiar with JavaScript will discover new ways of looking at
web development.

  • Create webpage templating system for rendering dynamic data
  • Dive into request and response objects, middleware, and URL
  • Simulate a production environment for testing and
  • Focus on persistence with document databases, particularly
  • Make your resources available to other programs with
    RESTful APIs
  • Build secure apps with authentication, authorization, and
  • Integrate with social media, geolocation, and other
    third-party services
  • Implement a plan for launching and maintaining your app
  • Learn critical debugging skillsThis book covers Express