Book Name: [PDF] The Pearson Guide to Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE by Atul Singhal
Category: Organic Chemistry
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The Pearson Guide to Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE by Atul Singhal :: Review: Organic Chemistry for the IT-JEE is an invaluable book for all the students preparing for the prestigious engineering entrance examination. It provides class-tested course material and problems that will supplement any kind of coaching or resource the students might be using. Because of its comprehensive and in-depth approach, it will be especially helpful for those students who do not have enough time or money to take classroom course.
■ A careful scrutiny of previous years’ III papers and various other competitive examinations during the last 10 to 12 years was made before writing this book. It is strictly based on the latest III syllabus (2009-10) recommended by the executive board. It covers the subject in a structured way and familiar­izes students with the trends in these examinations. Not many books in the market can stand up to this material when it comes to the strict alignment with the prescribed syllabus.
■ It is written in a lucid manner to assist students to understand the concepts without the help of any guide.
■ The objective of this book is to provide this vast subject in a structured and useful manner so as to familiarize the candidates taking the current examinations with the current trends and types of multiple­choice questions asked.
■ The multiple-choice questions have been arranged in following categories:
Straight Objective Type Questions (Single Choice), Brainteasers Objective Type Questions (Single Choice), Multiple Correct Answer Type Questions (More than one choice), Linked-Comprehension Type Questions, Assertion and Reasoning Questions, Matrix-Match Type Questions and the HT-JEE Comer.
This book is written to pass on to another generation, my fascination with descriptive inorganic chemistry. Thus, the comments of the readers, both students and instructors, will be sincerely appreciated. Any sugges­tions for added or updated additional readings would also be welcome.
Title: The Pearson Guide to Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE
Editor: Atul Singhal
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Pearson Publications
Length: 720 pages
Size: 10.3 MB
Language: English

The Pearson Guide to Organic Chemistry for the IIT JEE

Author(s): Atul Singhal

Publisher: Pearson Education, Year: 2010

ISBN: 9788131728758



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