Design and Construction of Concrete Floors

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Design and Construction of Concrete Floors Book By George Garber

This chapter sets out the philosophy on which the rest of the book is

based. The essential ideas are these:

● A floor has a dual role. It is part of a building, but it is also part of the

building user’s equipment.

● A floor must be designed around the user’s needs and wishes.

● Floor designers should not focus narrowly on structural strength, but

must consider other important properties of the floor.

● Good design requires equal attention to five factors: floor usage; structural

strength; properties of the concrete itself; cracks and joints; and

properties of the floor surface.

● Performance specifications usually work better than method specifications.

● Single-course floors usually work better than double-course floors.

● National standards should be used with care.

● Lessons from roadbuilding should be applied to floor construction.

● Remedies for bad work should be specified before the bad work occurs.